Whilst it is inevitable that we are part of a wider society and therefore dependent on other people for a variety of our basic human needs, we can also practice independence in a number of ways. For instance by considering your own personal views and standpoints on issues that are important to you, by standing up for what you feel is right or what you believe in, or by having some degree of financial independence so that you are not entirely dependent on other people for your security. Having a sense of independence will enable you to feel more confident and self aware too. 

  • Cultivate independent thinking. Do not blindly follow the crowd and if it doesn't feel right, demonstrate your courage. You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.
  • Be willing to defend yourself, stand alone and take unpopular decisions. You cannot please everyone so know what you want without losing your values.
  • Be your own person by setting firm boundaries which other people respect.
  • Take the initiative - don't let people do everything for you but know when to seek support if you need it.
  • Do not become too reliant on others or entangled in problems which are not your own. The most self-sufficient individuals are those who can work well as a team and with others but do not need propping up.